March 20, 2018

Employee Benefits

Medical Insurance

Illness and injury strike without warning. Who will pay the doctors, hospital, ambulance, drug store, and all of the people that care for you and your family? Even a brief hospital stay can cost thousands of dollars.

We offer all types of plans and all varieties of deductibles and copays.

Groups down to 2 full time employees can obtain a program rivaling larger employer groups. Life insurance, short and long term disability income, and all sorts of deductibles and features are available to you for your group. Call us with your census of workers, and we can design a plan for you.

  •  Medical Insurance (fully insured and self-funded options)
  • Dental Insurance (employer sponsored and voluntary options)
  • Vision Plans
  • Life Insurance Programs
  • Supplemental Life Plans
  • Disability Options
  • Worksite Benefits
  • Long Term Care Plans
  • Voluntary Benefits