March 20, 2018

Life & Annuity


Who will take care of your family and obligations when you die? Where will your funeral expense money come from? Who will make up for your contributions to a church or charity when they stop due to your death? How will your key employee be able to buy your business from your family without financial hardship?

Life insurance is the answer to these and many other financial issues. It is still one of the best bargains in insurance. We have a wide variety of companies to choose from. If you have had health problems that may cause your qualification for insurance to be more difficult, we have the markets and experience to get you the best offer. Don’t believe that answering a questionnaire on the Internet will yield the lowest rate. The fact is, there is still no substitute for discussion by an experienced agent with you and the insurance company underwriter. We can help you decide on the right type of life insurance policy and make important financial plans for your situation.

Retirement Planning

With the uncertainty surrounding the future of Social Security, especially as it applies to the “Baby Boomer” generation, it is very important for everyone to spend some time in planning a retirement strategy.

Individuals have a choice of traditional or Roth IRA programs. The traditional plans have a deductible contribution with a taxable retirement benefit. The Roth IRA has a contribution made with after-tax dollars, but the benefits at retirement may be greater as they are not taxed. There is no universal answer on the best choice. Each must make a decision based on your circumstances. We stand ready to counsel you on the advantages and disadvantages of each plan for you.

Pension Plans for Business

Competition for qualified employees has become a major concern for companies, large and small. Benefit programs may mean the difference between hiring or keeping a good employee and losing them to the competition.

The 401K plan has become very popular for corporate retirement benefits, but it is not for every company. There are several other options that can be explored for the small business, such as the Simple IRA. Simple IRAs have the general appearance of the 401K without the high administrative costs.

Contact us to find out the latest coverages available. We have access to great prototype plans. We also offer a wide range of funding alternatives.